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Panocam3d and Films06

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We are an experienced Creative Team located in Cannes, France. We offer full 360° video production services, specializing in corporate 360 videos, promotional 360 videos and 360 videos commercials . Our services are available for all projects, all over the world and for everyone.


Panocam3d is a company at the forefront of 360° technology. Our goal is to always keep a step ahead. Check our new 360 video camera :

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    Adastra films is a film production specialist with strong experience in artistic projects and films06 in corparate projects

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    Hight quality video up to 4k (4096*2048px) at 60 fps (frame per second)


    we produce exclusive contents such as head mounted camera 360° videos and 360° body capture that are unique worldwide.


    An experienced creative team pushing the boundaries of immersive contents


    We are continuously experimenting and improving our stereoscopy 3D – 360° system.

    Our Services

    We Make Our Customers Happy

    Send us your project. A team will consider it and come back to you with an offer.


    A team will study the possibilities of realization.


    A quote will be provided within 48 hours.


    We send you a qualified team to shoot your project.


    We provide you with final 360° videos in different formats and full compatibility with all VR devices.

    You have a virtual reality project and want the best 360° videos with the best technology but don't want to do it yourself? We are here to materialize all your projects, all over the world.

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    Who We Are

    We are an experienced and dynamic team with fresh an innovating ideas.

    Sébastien is a French producer, CEO of the Cannes-based film company Adastra Films since 2008 and head of the brand Films06 since 2012. In 2014, he receives the Young Producer award by France Televisions and SCREEN DAILY magazine put him on the list of the “Future leaders in film production” in 2015.

    Sebastien Aubert
    Executive Director

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    Johanna Tligui
    Business development

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    Nicolas Perra
    Technical Supervisor


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    Tel: +33 (0)6 63 32 34 15

    11 av. Maurice Chevalier
    Bât. CréACannes
    06150 Cannes – FRANCE

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